Business, Corporate & Employment

The client's success is Blau & Associates, P.C.’s mission. Our firm educates and provides advice to business owners and professionals with regard to a variety of tasks and issues related to corporate compliance, business formation, operation and development, risk avoidance, and employment law issues. We provide counsel to clients in connection with the formation and operation of their businesses, the drafting of inter-corporate documents, employment contracts, and agreements respecting the manufacture, sale, purchase, exploitation, marketing and distribution of products and services.

The firm strives to obviate the need for clients ever to have to participate in otherwise needless and costly litigation. Through the use of various measures, including the development, establishment and maintenance of appropriate employment-related practices, policies and procedures, and the preparation of related documents, such as non-competition, confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements, we ensure that business clients are well advised of, and well equipped to deal with, potential sources of liability.

Occasionally, an entity may need to seek enforcement of a contractual obligation, or defend claims brought against it. When allegations of wrongful conduct arise, we assist our clients in investigating and resolving the claims. Our firm regularly handles business and employment litigation matters in situations where no reasonable compromised resolution could otherwise be obtained.

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